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Dubai Excursions

Dubai is a city with lots of things that can be done without any organization, however there is a lot that can’t be done.

The history of Dubai is very unorthodox, and infact the city itself in every aspect is not orthodox and thus a knowledgable tour guide can provide plenty of information that you would normally not be able to grasp by simply observing or roaming around.

The unique blend of visual aeshetics and historical context gives a lot of room for an interesting guided tour that can shed light on history, political and social structure as well as the modern business enivornment.

Generally, the most common excursions are Dubai City Tour & Abu Dhabi city which are really interesting for any visitor to the country.

Tours in Dubai

Besides the guided excursions, there are plenty of things that can be enjoyed in Dubai.

For example, Deep Sea Fishing Trips, boat cruises, desert safaris and dinner cruises.

The main range of tours is driven by the wide range of landscapes that the UAE is covered with: desert, sea & mountains – this drives the capacity to go Fishing in the morning and go to the desert in the evening.

Tours in Dubai are also varied because of the large volume of day trips that are demanded to the different nationalities of guests arriving to the city

Dubai Day Trips from Dubai

Dubai offers a wide variety of Day Trips.

Multi-day trips are not common since its a rather small city/country and thus most areas are quite quick and easy to reach to.

Most of the visitors to Dubai are people visiting for only a few days and thus a day trip is a perfect way for them to spend the day and get out of the hotel or a shopping mall.

Dubai City Tours

The 2 most common city tours from Dubai are Dubai City Tour & Abu Dhabi City Tour.

Dubai City Tour revolves around 3 key architectural structures in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Mall & Live Fountain Show
  2. Burj Khalifa and its viewing platform
  3. Palm Island

Abu Dhabi City Tour focuses on:

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  2. Heritage Village
  3. Abu Dhabi Corniche

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