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Modern Dubai City Tour

Virtual Dubai – a city that only existed on high-tech computer screens, to its final realization and existence in the physical reality, with sky-scrapers growing like mushrooms.

The city is world famous for its innovative construction technologies as well as modern technologies and daring projects. This modernity will be the underlying theme for this tour.
We will stop by the 8th wonder of the world, the Dubai Palm Island and its gem – the Atlantis Hotel & the Burj Al Arab – one of the most iconic architectural structures of the 21st Century (photo stop only). On the way we will make a stop at Madinat Jumeirah – an ultra stylish shopping mall that is riddled with canals, coffee shops, restaurants & shops.

Next, we will head to the newly opened Dubai Mall which will surely impress you with its state-of the art aquariums and its absolutely unique dancing fountains.  Lastly, we will visit the viewing platform at the top of the tallest in the world. The maginitude of Burj Khalifa is truly hard to mentally encompass until you are standing underneath it, or at the top ofcourse.

This evolution of Dubai into a booming and futuristic ultra modern City has not been that long ago – and a lot of interesting milestones have brought it to this stage.

Our Tour Guides have been in Dubai long enough to describe this transition first hand, as well as provide you with a large amount of well researched information that will place a lot of context & background info to the visual imagery that you will see during the tour.

The aim of this tour is to show the futuristic, boundary pushing nature of Dubai & provide you with the necessary information to contextualize this evolution.After this tour, you will not be able to confuse Dubai with any other city in the world.

Tour Highlights

For sharing options, we can only do pick ups from hotels in Dubai or Sharjah. For private car options we can do pick ups from anywhere.

Hotel pick up time will vary depending on your hotel, and will be specified once you have made your reservation.

You will be picked up from your hotel and returned to your hotel after the trip.

The Burj Al Arab needs no introductions and is easily top 3 of Dubais most iconic architectural structures.

The Hotel has a very unique shape and symbolizes the lavish transofrmation of Dubai into a city of truly global importance in the modern world.

Note, we will not go inside the Burj Al Arab, only view the hotel from the outside.

This Shopping Mall is stylized into a very interesting fusion of arabic traditional architectural elements with modern day concepts of shopping & entertainment.

The Atlantis has become another iconic building of a more recent era. Currently, it houses a lot of guests and locals. We will be making a photo stop infront of this magnificent building.

The Fountain Show is quickly getting a world known reputation. Its fascinating seeing such large amounts of water being shaped in perfect sync and timing with the music being played

Option #1 is to visit the ‘At The Top’ experience, i.e: going up to the highest point of Burj Khalifa where you will find breath taking (literally) sights of Dubai.

Another famous part of Dubai Mall is the Aquarium, something that might be a good alternative for those with a fear of heights or those that have visited ‘At The Top’ in the past.

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Dubai City Tour

Dubai is really a unique city with a very unusual historical evolution.

Unlike other cities it has a very unorthodox history, a meteoric rise on the global stage and an interesting relationship between the past and the future.

To decypher and understand this city you really need a tour guide who has lived in the country for a long time as well as researched and studied the history of the country and thus able to explain it well.

The modern history of Dubai is very intense and has a huge spike in new developments such as the palm island, Burj Khalifa and the iconic Burj Al Arab.

City Tour Dubai

The city of Dubai is located almost entirely along the coast line and has plenty of interesting spots to see. We will cover the most important iconic construction projects of the modern city and explain the history of their development.

The city tour will last approximately 4 hours and you will have an experienced, well spoken, english speaking tour guide with you at all times licensed by Dubai Tourism Authority.

The city tour is conducted on minivans if booked on a private basis and buses for the group options.

Dubai Sightseeing

Sightseeing around Dubai is key to understanding the city, since visually its really stunning.

The city is built with infrastructure in mind and runs heavily on visually powerful development