Jeep Safari "Night sky"

This is a unique night safari trip for those who want to be secluded in the desert, meditate in the silence of the vast sands under a fabulous Eastern sky.

Going on a jeep with a professional safari driver, you can learn many of the secrets of the ancient desert Rub Al Khali and almost touch eternity.

Taking pictures against the background of the sunset, we will admire the reddish hues of the sands and the sun disappearing over the horizon line.

And then the most interesting thing part of night safari starts – the fantastic metamorphosis of the sky, when almost Martian landscapes appear in the desert, which is worth seeing not in the movies, but with your own eyes.

But the most wonderful thing is that you can listen to the silence of the desert and crackling of fire, enjoy fragrant tea with traditional Arabic hookah and specifically meditate under the night sky: a complete refreshment from civilization on night sky safari is guaranteed!

  •   Riding sand dunes
  •   Photo-stop in the desert
  •   Bonfire in the desert
  •   Hookah
  •   Arabic tea + dates
Sand dune Jeep ride

It is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the real sand desert with its terracotta-colored ribbed dune patterns that will bring a lot of vivid emotions, feelings of discovery and excitement of moving through the untouched space of the Arabian sands.

Photo-stop in the desert

Having made a stop on the top of a large dune, a professional safarist proposes to capture the setting sun, which makes the world incredibly fabulous, as well as stroll along the fluffy sands, sit on the gentle slope of a warm sand dune, and traditionally take a picture as if holding “the sun in hands”.

Bonfire in the desert

Making a fire is a centuries-old tradition of mankind, which even now gives us a feeling of security, warmth, energy, calmness and pacification, allows us to sit around the campfire, prepare delicious tea and coals for a fragrant hookah.

Night sky safari

  • Private safari, up to 4 persons in the car
    Daily from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman

    AED 1460/car without dinner
    AED 1825/ car with BBQ dinner

  • Camel farm visit
  • Sunset photoshoot
  • Hookah

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For safety reasons, guests are not allowed to drive a Jeep during the safari. You will be served by a professional driver.

Yes, provided the weather is clear.

The dress code is sporty, comfortable. Due to the possible decrease in temperature in the desert at night, it is strongly recommended to have warm clothes with you.

Yes. Children from the age of 12 can enjoy the night safari.

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