6 Emirates in 1 Day

This rare opportunity to visit 6 out of 7 emirates in one day could potentially be one of the most action packed day’s of your life. Firstly, having left the ultra-modern Dubai you will travel through Sharjah – the cultural capital of the UAE and end up in an ancient palace of the Sheikh of Ajman which is currently a wax museum.

Next, you will visit an archeological site in Umm-Al-Quwain followed by a local “grand canyon” located in Ras-Al-Khaimah. Finally you will find yourself in Fujeirah on the shores of the Indian Ocean where you will have the opportunity to swim and have a great meal, now surrounded by mountains!

Tour Highlights

The Museum was originally and 18th century fort that was used as a place of residence by the Ruler. It is located in the centre of Ajman City and houses a collection of archaeological artefacts, manuscripts, old weapons and a reconstruction of traditional life.

For those not interested in the Museum, an alternative to this stop is an area for viewing flamingos. For those with large lenses, a price less photo opportunity is possible.

The fort At Al Hamra is a very interesting area of the city which combines a hotel, a marina and a little shopping area located along the beach.

The Friday market is an interesting place which is a market area in the mountains on our way to the East Coast. Another name for it is Carpet Market, where you can buy excellent quality carpets at a fraction of the price. Besides buying carpets you can also buy fresh fruit usually grown locally as well as some souvenirs.

The ‘Badiyah Mosque’ is probably the UAE’s oldest mosque with an approximate date of build in the 15th Century. It’s a very interesting structure located in a very scenic area and holds much ancient aura.

Finally, we will arrive at Oceanic Hotel where guests will be offered a lunch and beach access at the Hotel with a chance to swim in the Indian Ocean, versus the Arabian Gulf that is on the West Coast of the Country.

It is possible to add one single dive for certified divers for an additional $150/person including equipment rental charge or snorkelling for non certified guests.


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