Crab hunting

The night crab hunt is a unique opportunity to return to primeval times, where only the trident and your hunting instincts are between you and your prey.

The hunt takes place in the shallow waters between the natural islands of the Umm Al Quwain Emirate.

You will be provided with a flashlight, a trident and a boat with an experienced captain-guide.

After a successful hunt you can enjoy freshly cooked prey with a mug of cold drink.

  •   Transfer to Umm Al Quwain
  •   Crab hunting
  •   Tridents, shoes, flashlights
  •   Captain
  •   After the hunt buffet with crab cooking
  • Alcohol for an additional fee. 



This real adventure begins with changing clothes – all hunters must be in swimming trunks, life jackets, which are given free of charge near the cabins, and special shoes on thick rubber soles (shoes must be rented, carefully selected by size).

Accommodated in a boat with a local captain-guide, you can go to the place of hunting – shallow water where crabs are located.

The task of hunters is to shine a flashlight on the bottom of the sea, find crabs, try to pierce the shell with a sharp knife so as to target and pull out the crab, sending it to a special box with trophies of the whole group.

Crab hunting
from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman

on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Sharing basis
    AED 275/adult
    AED 200/child
    4-12 years old
  • 45 minute crab hutning,
  • Dinner buffet with cooked crabs
  • Private basis
    for additional AED 750/car
    (up to 6 pax capacity)
    available any day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The dress code is beachwear, comfortable. You must have bathing accessories, towels, a change of clothes and shoes with you.

No need to bring, as the hotel Flamingo organized rental – about $ 1.5 per pair of appropriate footwear.

One bottle of water per person will be provided in the cabin of the bus, and soft drinks, including water, will be offered free of charge during dinner. If you need more, you can bring water with you.

Yes, children of 11-12 years old may be interested in sea crab hunting.

Yes, the transfer is provided in both directions, except in cases where you yourself decide to leave the group before the end of the tour program or stay somewhere after its completion.

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Ultramodern Dubai delights with the harmonious symbiosis of the traditions of the ancient desert Bedouins. This glamorous luxury city embodied in modernity, super technologies of the future. The Emirate of Dubai is an example of combination of religion and tolerance same time contradictory transparent freedom and strict rules.

Dubai is located on the coast of the Gulf which has many names: the Arabs call it Arab, the Iranians call it Persian. But this warm Gulf had a different name: recently because of the pearls that pearl divers brought from it’s bottom it was called the Pearl.

You have a unique opportunity to test yourself as a crab hunter. You will admire the beauty of the night bay and taste crab meat after the adventurous hunting.

There is a jacuzzi and swimming pool, as well as a bar with alcoholic drinks in the hotel, where the crab hunting takes place.