Umm Al Quwain

Moroccan Baths- IMAR spa

If you ask a woman on vacation in the Emirates – what gift she dreams of, 8 out of 10 will answer that they want to visit a traditional health IMAR spa and beauty salon.

Many want to get an unforgettable feeling of harmony and care, to bask and achieve maximum relaxation in the famous SPA , which is popular even among women of the royal family.

Spa means “health through water”, it is not just cosmetic procedures, but a whole ritual, aimed at improving the health of the entire female body, restoring strength and energy.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of many hours of relaxation, which includes a Moroccan hammam – deep pore cleansing, full body scrub, traditional hair mask (or manicure and pedicure), the use of two pools: salt and freshwater, as well as a private beach of the Sheikh family and a gym.


Spa package + private transfer

Minimum of 2 persons
AED 640 per person
  • Ladies only
  • Private transfer
    from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman
  • Moroccan bath
  • Spa package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Almost everything: there is no heat (only warm steam is used), a special scrub is spread on the whole body for deep cleansing of the skin, after a certain time it is rolled up with massage movements, the body is cleansed of dead skin with the help of hard gloves, washed off and spread with a nutritious composition.

Although the package itself is very solid, sometimes our guests order another of the many types of massage or some kind of cosmetic treatment.

Many people enjoy using the beach or the IMAR Spa pools, getting to know the list of wellness treatments, the range of beauty products and the variety of aromatic oils.

Why to travel with us

Use of visiting Moroccan bath and spa for woman.

Normally no one consider spa treatments as physical therapy. Although the effect of spa is definitely noticeable. After relaxing sessions you’ll feel improvement of your overall tone and mood. In addition to pleasant sensations as a result you are improving your health. Almost every country has its own spa tradition. Some of them have roots going back centuries, so consequently such spa traditions are more attractive to explore.  One of such procedures is the traditional. For instance Moroccan baths in the UAE.

Compared to the popular Turkish hammams (“ham” in Arabic means “warm”), the price of Moroccan baths for women is a bit higher. Our recommended Moroccan IMAR Spa services cost starts from $ 125 per session. Normally you will ask is it value for such money? And any woman who underwent the procedure will answer – Yes! It certainly is! 

Importantly to know that most special in Moroccan bath in UAE is irreproachable treatment service. Above all the Arab East knows everything about the intricacies of taking care of the female body. There are techniques and methods have been worked out that are designed to preserve and increase the natural woman’s beauty.


Spa package

The set of procedures is pretty standard. It includes all stages of spa care and therapy – face masks, hygiene procedures, pedicure, manicure and, of course, herbal hair masks. Due to feeling of lightness some of our clients prefer not to wash their hair for a while after this procedure. The therapeutic effect of such a mask has a prolonged effect.

There are different traditional types of scrubs and peels. But fragrant Moroccan soap, made from a mixture of essential oils and volcanic tuff, is valuable in itself. If you can, we recommend you take some home. 

Each spa session lasts approximately 3 hours. There are two fresh and salt water swimming pools, a gym and a relaxation room you can use. You can relax with fresh juice or herbal tea here at the signature Bon Bon Café. In addition, there are different types massages available in spa.