Hot air balloon flight

If you are ready to get up early, you can take a hot air balloon flight – one of the most memorable ways to catch the sunrise over the Arabian Desert.

A breathtaking view opens up when we are in the very heart of the desert, because it is famous for its gigantic size – more than 650,000 square kilometers, and its grandiose relief – here are the world’s highest sand dunes.


Get ready to spend approximately one hour in the sky enjoying the vastness of the sky, trying to capture every moment.


Hot air balloon
sharing flight

AED 1280 per person
  • Daily sharing basis transfer
    from Dubai hotels

    Rate with transfer from Sharjah, Ajman
    AED 1645 pp
  • Sharing basis hot air balloon flight
  • Light breakfast
  • Falcon photoshoot, camel ride

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The dress code – sports, warm. You must have your original passport with you.

Up to 20 people fit in the basket; however, to prevent COVID-19 contamination, no more than 16 people are placed in the basket at one time.

Everyone over 5 and under 70 years old, weighing less than 120 kg, without problems with the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system.

Everything looks fabulous at dawn: the rising sun, and one-humped dromedary camels grazing peacefully in the vast desert landscape, and the emerald islets of rare oases with groves of date palms, and the distant mystery of Dubai on the seashore.

Due to the fact that the landing of the balloon is not carried out in a fixed place, during the entire flight, cars follow the balloon along the ground, which pick up people from the landing site.

A detailed briefing on the rules of landing in a balloon, you will be given just before landing.

In case of bad weather, the flight will be rescheduled to another day and/or time. If rescheduling is not possible, the money paid for the tour will be refunded.

You can cancel such an event 72 hours before departure. If canceled in 48 hours, 50% of the paid amount will be withheld, in 24 hours or less, 100%

Why to travel with us

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Hot air balloon flight is one of the most memorable ways to catch the sunrise and enjoy the stunning views of the Arabian Desert!

Get ready for early wake up to spend about an hour in the sunrise sky. Enjoy breathtaking views, take great photos, and after landing, we’ll serve you light snacks. After landing in the heart of the desert we will take a ride through the dunes.

Hot air balloon flight is completely safe and you can take such an exciting adventure with the whole family even children of 5 years old and above.

Early beginning at dawn gives you a great start in the morning and leaves you with a full day to continue your busy itinerary.

Hot air balloon flight will give you such an exciting emotions that cannot be described in words.