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Additional Information

Dhow: a traditional shape and culture of boat building common to the region.

Dhow Cruise: a traditional Dhow hull refurbished into a floating restaurant + cruise concept.

Dubai Marina: an artificial canal in Dubai, famous for its luxury ambience, yachts and sky scrapers.

The concept of a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina started around the same time as when the Dubai Marina itself opened up, and it has grown popular because it works as a package.

The view provided by the Dubai Marina, JBR, Blue Water Island and the base of the Palm Island are majestic and are perfectly enjoyed from onboard Alexandra Floating Restaurant.

Alexandra is an award winning floating restaurant that has been operating in Dubai Marina since 2008, more or less from the beginning of its inception. Over the years, the team directly managing the vessel has evolved and true trial and error learned what works and what doesn’t – producing a dinner cruise concept that has been enjoyed by over a million guests since its inception.Attribute Text