Musandam Day Trip

Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays




Day Trip Without Transfer260 AED/adult & 175 AED/childSelf drive to & from Dibba Port
Day Trip With 2 Way Transfer365 AED/adult & 220 AED/child2 way transfer from Dubai or Sharjah
Day Trip with Private 2 Way TransferDay Trip with Transfer Price + 730 AED additional price.Private Car or minibus. Other people on the boat.


Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays

5 Hour Cruise in MusandamLunch onboard.Water, Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks.
Biscuits, Dates & Fresh Fruits.Towels & Sunbeds onboard.Snorkelling & hand line fishing equipment.

Tour Overview

If breath-taking scenery, pre-historic mountains dropping into the mountains and a rich underwater world is your passion – join us on a trip to Dibba, a small town on the Musandam peninsula, the most Northern part of the Sultanate of Oman, where we will board a traditional Arabic ‘dhow’ and sail northwards.

We will see tiny villages jammed between the mountains and the sea, we will snorkel in beautiful coves and if we are lucky enough – also may be race along with dolphins in one if the bays.

On the way back, we will make an attempt at hand line fishing and you might get lucky and catch a barracuda.

You will later spend many evenings telling your friends about your adventure at the land of the fjords.(Lunch and all equipment is included, original passports must be brought along).

Tentative Itinerary

Tentative Pick Up Time from Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman – 8.00 – 9.00 AM


Note: if you are staying in other Emirates, price & schedule will change, please enquire at web{at}

After being picked up from your hotel or place of residence you will make a drive to the opposite end of the Country, the East Coast town of ‘Dibba’.


Important note about going to Oman.

YOU WILL NOT BE ACTUALLY crossing the border, i.e there will be no stamp placed in your passport, nor your visit visa CLOSED. Passport will only be checked for identity purposes.

There is a ‘day permit’ which is basically given to you for the tour.

You will need your original passports with you. Bringing any alcohol during this trip is STRICTLY forbidden.

Note: for UAE Resident Visa Holders, regardless of the nationality we need 3 Business Days to process the day permit for which a passport & visa page copy is required.

This DOES not apply for TOURIST Visa holders who are given the day permit ON ARRIVAL, without any advance actions required.

Another important note: this is how the logistics are in Dibba, i.e: the Eastern Coast of Musandam Entry Point, from ‘Khasab’ (Western Coast) no such arrangement exists and entry is conducted on a proper Omani border where your passport will get stamp and you will be legally entering Oman and thus returning.


In about 10 minutes after crossing the border you will arrive in Dibba port which is primarily a fishing village/port/market. You will board the ‘Dhow’ which is a traditional Arabic vessel that has been refurbished for Tourism purposes.

The Boat has 2 decks, an upper deck with Sun Chairs/Beds and the lower deck is more empty with Arabic cushions. There is a washroom & shower onboard.

12.00 - 13.00 SAILING TO LAGOON

You will be sailing northwards along the Musandam Peninsula with the mountain fjords going straight into the Ocean. The coastline is scattered with little lagoons that are sometimes still in habited by local residents.

13.00 - 15.30 ANCHORED AT LAGOON

Approximately an hour after departing from the port our boat will arrive at a selected lagoon where the boat will anchor for approximately 2.5 hours.

The lagoon is surrounded by mountains and has a beached lagoon.

Swimming & Snorkelling

From 13.00 – 14.30 we provide free time for swimming & snorkeling. There is a coral reef in the lagoon with some decent snorkeling opportunities depending on the visibility and weather conditions.

Guests are welcome to swim directly of the Dhow – there is a ladder for getting on and off the boat.

There will also be a speed boat at our disposal which can take guests on shore to swim from a beach. There are 2 options – a more deserted beach and a beach nearby some local residents who we are well acquainted with and if you are lucky they will show you about their survival and heritage traditions that have enabled them to survive in such difficult weather conditions.


A buffet lunch will be served on board at 14.30 along with some soft drinks & tea/coffee.


At 15.30 we will pull up the anchor and push off from the lagoon and slowly start making our way back to the port. On the way back we will stop at a few spots known for fishing & do some ‘hand-line’ fishing – a way in which the local fishermen have been using for decades to catch fish in this area.

Common catch is barracuda & hamour (a local fish).

17.00 - 17.30 RETURN TO PORT & DRIVE

We will berth the Dhow, disembark and go back into the vehicles and begin our journey back to Dubai or Sharjah.

Tentative Return to Hotel – 19.00

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Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are 3 options for the various transfer services:

1. Self Drive

In this case, you will drive to the check point where our representative will meet you with a

Once you have crossed the check point, you will drive another 3 KM to Dibba port where you will
park the car and board the boat.

2. Sharing Transfer

With this option, we will pick you up in your hotel or place of residence from anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman and drop you back.

You will be at all times with a Tour Guide, during the transfer and onboard the boat.

The vehicle used will be either a toyota previa, a mini bus (14 seater) or a 30 seater bus – depending on the group size.

3. Private Transfer

This option costs 730 AED additional to the 365 AED/adult & 220 AED/child.
We will provide a vehicle that will be adequate to the group size.

  • For example if you are 4 adults and want a private transfer, the cost would be:
    365 AED x 4 = 1460 AED
    + 730 AED
    Total Price = 2190 AED
  • If you are 10 adults and need private transfer, it will be:
    365 AED x 10 = 3650 AED
    + 730 AED
    Total Price = 4380 AED


1. UAE Resident Visa Holders

Regardless of the Nationality or Job Title, we will require a copy of the passport and visa page 3 business days in advance of the trip to create a day pass permit.

No stamp will be placed in the passport.
No border will be formally crossed.

2. Tourist Visa Holders

We will require a copy of the passport, but no permit is required to enter Musandam.
No border will be formally crossed.
No stamp will be placed in the passport.
Your visa will not be ‘closed’, so if you have a single entry visa it will not be cancelled.


Musandam is a peninsula with 2 coast lines, the East and the West.

The East coast is only accessible by boats departing from Dibba port, which is the way we operate.
This does not require any formal border crossing – just a ‘day pass’.

The West coast is known as ‘Khasab’ and is accesible by road and requires a full border crossing with any visas closed or passports stamped.

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