Dubai Private Tour

A tour of the city the way you wish.

Vehicle Number of Passengers Price for 4 Hours + Extra Hour Picture of the Car
Toyota Corrola Maximum 4 Passengers AED 910 ($250 USD) +AED 180 ($50 USD)
Toyota Previa Maximum 6 Passengers AED 1275 ($350 USD) + AED 180 ($50 USD)
Hyundai H1 Maximum 8 Passengers AED 1460 ($400 USD) + AED 180 ($50 USD)
Porche Cayenne Maximum 4 Passengers AED 1640 ($450 USD) + AED 180 ($50 USD)
BMW 7 Series Maximum 4 Passengers AED 1825 ($500 USD) + AED 180 ($50 USD)

Optional Add-ons

Addition Estimated Duration Cost
Burj Khalifa Tickets (124th Floor, Regular Ticket) 1 Hour 180 AED ($50 USD) PER ADULT & 110 AED ($30) PER CHILD
Burj Khalifa Tickets (148th Floor, VIP Ticket) 1 Hour 510 AED ($140 USD) PER PERSON
Burj Al Arab High Tea Package 1.5-2 Hours 565 AED ($155 USD) PER PERSON
Sea Cruise by 33 Foot Motor Yacht 1-2 Hours 730 AED ($200 USD) PER TRIP PER HOUR

Tour Overview

Some people like a pre-made package, while others really like things to be their way completely. This tour is perfect for the latter.

The price per hour includes exclusive rental of the vehicle as well as a tour guide who will be driving it, on any route that you would like to do follow.

You can take an existing ‘Tour’ and tweak it to your needs or you can just make one up entirely by simply selecting the attractions that you would like to visit.
Whatever the case, it will be just as you wish it to be.


What is included?

  • Licensed Tour Guide/Driver
  • Completely customizable itinerary
  • Tour on private basis
  • Base price for 4 hours mentioned above
  • 180 AED/every additional hour

Booking & Availability

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Dubai Private Tour Guide
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