Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

A Trip to the desert is full of fun and adventure.

Experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride on the sand dunes then take a pause and view the splendor of the beautiful sunset as it begins to lower over the horizon.

The journey will continue to the Bedouin Campsite in the heart of the desert and upon arrival you will refreshed with soft drinks, mineral water, tea or coffee.

In the camp, you can take a camel for a ride or decorate your hands with a traditional ‘henna’ design.

Alternatively, dress yourself in some traditional local clothing for some fun photo selfies. After all that – relax and recline on a carpet and pillows in the tents while waiting for the sumptuous BBQ dinner to be served.

After relishing the meal, take a chance to try some shisha that comes in different flavors.  Before we conclude the night, a belly dancer will perform an exciting and mesmerizing show following the rhythms of traditional Arabic music.


Timing is tentatively provided as a reference only.

15:00 - 16:00: PICK UP

Hotel pick up will vary depending on your hotel, and will be specified once you have made your reserservation.

You will be picked up from your hotel and returned to your hotel after the trip.

Note: for private option, pick up can be done from anywhere.

16.00 - 16.30: ARRIVAL IN THE DESERT

Upon arriving at the desert, the first step is deflating the tyres and grouping together.

Deflating the tyres is necessary to increase the area of the tyres and thus increase the offroading driving capabilities.

Once the group is all together and the tyres are deflated, you will be proceed to desert driving, aka ‘dune bashing’.

16:30 - 17:00: DESERT DRIVING

The dune bashing or desert riding is arguably the most important part of the trip.

The cars used for Safaris are powerful full option Toyota Land cruisers, and with deflated tyres in 4×4 mode these cars are perfectly suited to take on the sands of the UAE.

Driving in the desert is a lot of fun and feels like a roller coaster, with going up and down the dunes.

Its a mix of tranquility which comes from being in complete emptiness mixed with adrenaline that comes from the rather unusual feelings of such driving.

We work with extremely experienced drivers and perfectly equipped cars. Cars which are fully insured for off-road, have roll cages and the right engine power along with the right tyre size.


After a bit of dune bashing, we will make a pit stop somewhere in the heart of the desert where you will be able to leave the vehicle and get the magical feeling of being in the sands. The desert is a really tranquil place and for someone who has never been inside it before is fascinating.

The sand is very soft and the landscapes which it forms are mesmerizing.

During the photostop you will be offered some refreshments and once all the selfies and group photos are shot we will board the cars again and proceed towards the ‘camp’.

18.00 - 20.00: DESERT CAMP

The desert camp is rather large and located approximately 1.5 km from the main road in a ‘bowl’ surrounded by sand dunes.

The camp is centred around a ‘stage’ on which live performances happen.

Around the stage are low tables with cushions which is the main seating area where guests are seated for dinner and drinks.

A couple of important things about the camp:

  • Camels: you are able to ride and take pictures with camels at no extra charge
  • Falcon: there is a falcon at the camp for pictures (extra 10 AED)
  • Small snacks: there are a couple of small snacks around the camp.
  • Bar: there is a bar serving alcoholic beverages at the camp.
  • Henna Station: there is an area for hand painting (henna) at an extra charge.
  • Hookah: aka shisha, an arabic water pipe for smoking is available at extra cost.
  • BBQ Dinner: the buffet dinner at the camp consists of mainly BBQ meat, 6 kinds of salad, Rice, potatoes and hummus – as well as water and non alcoholic soft drinks.


The Live Entertainment consists of 2 shows:

Belly Dance Show

This is performed by a female belly dancer – a traditional form of dance characteristic of the levant region of the Arabian world.

Tanura Dance Show

This is performed by a male dance and is a dervish dance that consists of a constant spinning motion with various patterns.

21.00 - 22.00 - RETURN TO HOTEL

Depending on the location of your hotel, you should return before 22.00.

Available Packages

  • Private Desert Safari

  • Maximum 5 people
  • 500 AED (135 USD) per Car
  • Dune Bashing, Dinner & Live Entertainment.
  • Scroll down for detailed inclusions

Currently, due to the COVID pandemic, as per the government regulations, a maximum of 2 passengers in the car are allowed, or a maximum of 5 passengers if they are a single group or family.

Due to this restriction, it is now not possible run ‘sharing’ trips.


  • Desert ‘Dune Bashing’ + Photostop

    You will be provided a Toyota Land Cruiser (2017 or newer) and go off roading, aka ‘dune bashing’ aswell as sandboarding.

  • Food & Drinks

    At the desert camp, you will be provided a full course buffet dinner (currently due to COVID, a personal meal box), water, soft drinks & complimentary sheesha.

  • Entertainment

    Camel riding, henna designs, live belly dancer & live tanura dancer.

  • Alcohol or Sheesha

    Any alcoholic beverages or special sheesha flavours are an additional cost.

Booking & Availability

We work in a very personalized way, and a reservation manager will be manually communicating with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Please either fill in the form below, or contact us via whatsapp, call or email.

  • +971 52 899 63 01

  • web @

Why book with us?

  • In House, Full Time Safari Drivers

  • In House Vehicles

  • Legal & Insured

Frequently Asked Questions

Dune Bashing + Safety FAQ

Dune Bashing is basically just driving offroad through the dunes.
It can be quite a dangerous endeavour if not done by a professional.
The biggest risk is of the car rolling.

All our drivers have an offroad driving license issued by the government of Dubai as well as special roll cages which prevent the car from collapsing in the unlikely event that it does roll.

Dune Bashing is truly a unique driving experience that can’t be replicated on any other terrain. Its very exhilirating and truly activity and the only way to see the desert from the inside.

The car used for the Desert Safari is a Toyota Land Cruiser.
The car has 6 passenger seats + AC.

Desert Camp FAQ

The desert camp has a center stage on which there will be a live performance by a female belly dancer and a male tanura dancer.

There is a BBQ buffet dinner, an area for smoking sheesha and a bar for purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Booking & Logistics

The tour includes pick up from your hotel & return back to the hotel.

After filling in the form, Anna – our reservation manager will confirm availability and provide further information regarding completing the booking.

Your Name:*
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Pick up Location:


The Cars – Land Cruiser, 4×4 Comfort SUV

The Land Cruiser is used for the Desert Safari and is the perfect vehicle. The car is very large and comfortable, air conditioned and most importantly, its powerful enough to take on the desert.

Visiting the desert is the main point of this experience.

The desert is beautiful and the feeling of being in the desert is really different to being in the city or any other landscape for that matter.

The UAE desert is very special and the dunes around Hatta where the Safari is conducted has red sand and very large dunes.

The Desert Camp – BBQ Buffet & Live Entertainment

The Desert Camp is surrounded by large sand dunes forming a kind of bowl.

There are some key characteristics of the camp:

Henna Design

National dresses for photo shoots

Souvenir sales

Snacks & BBQ buffet

Live Belly Dance Show

Live Tanura Dance Show

Shisha Smoking Area + Alcoholic Drinks Bar

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The desert safari is one of Dubai‘s most popular tours for a reason.

The Safari Tour facilitates a trip to the desert, a very important land scape of the UAE, nay, perhaps the most important land scape of the UAE.

Unlike what many people think, the desert is not ‘deserted’ – its actually a live organism with lots of life.
Small rodents, gazelles, camels, scorpions and even the rare fox can be seen in the UAE desert.

The evening desert safari takes place in an area of the UAE called ‘badayer’, which is known for its ‘red sand’ versus the yellow sand that is common around the rest of the UAE.

The red sand of badayer is most likely due to its proximity to the Hatta Mountains and creates some beautiful pictures at night.
Driving in the desert is truly a beautiful experience and reminds one of snowboarding on a car, with the same concept of ‘flowing’ and ‘gliding’ through the soft sand.

Dubai Desert Safari

Once you have done some dune bashing – you will take a moment to enjoy a photo opportunity in the desert and get a moment to enjoy the serene beauty of the desert, something very calming and serene.

At this point the sun is starting to set and we make our way towards the desert camp, located about 15 minutes drive away in an area of Dubai called ‘Awir’.

Evening Dinner, Desert Camp

The concluding part of the evening will be in a desert camp – a kind of little ‘village’ surrounded by dunes which has a lot of different activities. A bbq, an area for sheesa, a bar, an area to dress up into local costumes and a lot more.

The main part of the evening is the live show, conducted in the centre of the camp.

The first live act is the female belly dancer, a whirl wind of sexual energy and unusual movement.

A dance that requires a lot of skill and a lot of practice as well as the right body type.

The second act is the ‘tanura’ dance show – a dervish dance, common in Turkey & Egypt. Its another dance that requires a lot of skill and practice – spinning for hours on end, literally is extremely difficult and requires a lot of practice.

Most people cannot last more than 30 seconds.

The final act is the tanura dance show with fire. Its a very dramatic act, and even a little dangerous.
The dancer dips his special skirt in petrol, lights it on fire and spins. Its truly an epic sight!

The dinner consists of salads, potatoe, rice, hummus, bread and BBQ dishes.

At approximately 8/8.30 PM you will leave the camp and head back towards the city lights.

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