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In the last decade Dubai has been drastically transformed into a luxurious and modern megapolis, though it still gently holds on to its heritage, and this tour will certainly give you a glimpse of this fascinating blend.

This tour will encompass the old areas of the city, a wax figured museum, then take a ride on a traditional creek taxi named Abra, observe the rulers palace and the heritage village. You can choose to end up the tour in a modern shopping mall, traditional marketplace or return to the hotel.

Suggested Itinerary

Suggested Start at 3 PM.

Stop 1# – Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai’s most iconic mosque, this mosque is one of the original mosques and has a lot of ambience of the olden ways about it. We will start our Tour at this sight.

Stop #2- Sheikh Mohammed Palace

Next, we will pass by the palace of the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum. Obviously, we will not be able to enter the palace territory, but nonetheless we will be able to observe this grand palace from the outside.

Stop #3 – Photostop at Dubai Creek

Dubai’s creek lies at the heart of the History of Dubai and has a lot of important significance. The city originally started along this creek and a lot of the trade that went on would be based here. Laden Dhows full of goods from Iran would arrive here and get spread out to the markets or sent onwards.

Stop #4 – Dubai Museum

This museum perhaps is the only true monument to History available in Dubai. The concept of the museum is to show artefacts aswell as recreations of the oldern ways through decorations and wax figures.

Stop #5 – Bastakiya

Bastakiya is another fascinating area that is very near to the Dubai Museum. Named after the Bastak area in Iran from where many of the original settlers came from, this area one of the original settlements in Dubai that started around the 18th century.

Stop 6# – Camel Meat Dinner (optional)

Camels have been integral part of the bedouin lifestyle in the past. It was used as transportation, a source of milk and a source of meat. Nowadays however, the sale of camel meat is very restricted and there are only a handful of restaurants in the entire country where you can try this kind of meat.

If you are a fan of trying different kinds of meat, its definitely for you. The restaurant has a very different vibe and is located in an awesome setting. Definitely recommend a camel burger there along with some strong arabic coffee.

Stop #7 – Heritage Village

This area is a living museum that tries to recreate a historical setting in a seemingly natural way. You are likely to find local Emirati women cooking traditional snacks as well as a lot of interesting architecture and various museums.

Stop #8 – Gold Souq

Gold has always carried a certain significance in the region, like in the whole world really. Gold is and was very popular as both a form of storing value and a beautiful decoration. Dubai is known as one of the most popular and cheapest places to purchase gold in. A visit to this market will explain why.

Finish the Tour at around 7-8 pm.

    Name Date Description Price Capacity Number of people
    4 Hour Dubai City Tour by BMW 7 Series bmw7.jpg $ 500 4
    4 Hour Dubai City Tour by Porche Cayenne porche_cayenne $ 450 4
    4 Hour Dubai City Tour by Hyundai H1 h1 $ 400 8
    4 Hour Dubai City Tour by Toyota Previa toyota_previa $ 350 6
    4 Hour Dubai City Tour by Toyota Camry camry $ 250 4

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