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The Best Restaurants in Dubai | Handpicked Collection

Looking for an unforgettable and tasty experience in Dubai, in some of the world’s greatest restaurants? Look no further, for the best of the best can be found down below. Fountain restaurant Basic information Fountain restaurant, which currently has the highest ranking on TripAdvisor, is the place to visit if you would like a chance […]

Water Parks & Theme Parks in Dubai: The Definitive Guide

The UAE is a country well known for its rich forms of entertainment. It is also renowned for having some of the world’s greatest and most magnificent structures in the world. Combine the two and you get the perfect recipe for amazing Water & Theme Parks. Save yourself time from doing personal research and find […]


101 Things To Do & Places to Go in Dubai

Introduction Dubai is one of those cities that there is a lot of buzz around. Unfortunately for every signal there is 10 times the amount of ‘noise’. This post is intended to be a very useful summary of all there is to do in and around the city of Dubai.  It is meant to be […]